Local Elections 2021

We are finally holding local elections, following the cancellation of the May 2020 polls. Although necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it did mean that the illegitimate Labour-led alliance was given another year in charge of Basildon Borough Council, to our immense frustration.

Following months of heel-dragging on holding virtual meetings online, Labour and their so-called ‘Independent’ backers have been shameless in their headlong rush to push through disastrous plans across the Borough, all the while dodging scrutiny by both councillors and the voting public.

Central Government, meanwhile, has quite rightly been preoccupied with mopping up Brexit (including securing the trade deal with the EU that we were all told ‘could not be done’) and combatting the pandemic, spending over £280 billion on things like the furlough scheme, support for the self-employed, loans, grants, tax cuts and tax deferrals, as well as extra funding for schools, local authorities, the NHS, charities, culture and sport. The Conservatives are ensuring that we prioritise jobs, businesses and public services.

Locally, Conservative-controlled Essex County Council have led the way, working to keep the most vulnerable safe, our children educated, supporting families, and helping businesses across the County. All the while balancing the finances and without increasing taxes, including delivering extra funding for foodbanks and support for vulnerable families and IT devices for children across Essex, as well as implementing one of the best contact tracing systems in the east of England.

With elections now going ahead on 6th May – and after a lull in campaigning due to the sad death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh – the time has come for my long-awaited ‘Runners & Riders’ blog, which has been complicated this year by the fact that our deferred borough elections will be taking place simultaneously alongside the quadrennial Essex County Council elections, not to mention the election of the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (using a completely different electoral system, just to make things extra complicated).

Re-elect Roger Hirst for Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

I shall deal very quickly with the PFCC elections, which I do not wish to concern myself overly in this blog. I gather that there are four candidates for the job, whom you can vote for ‘preferentially’ in accordance with the rather silly electoral system used for these votes. Personally, my only preference is for the Conservative candidate and incumbent Commissioner, Roger Hirst, to be re-elected. As such, I personally do not exercise my ‘second preference’, as I flatly do not have one, but you, dear voter, can decide for yourselves on that one.

We also should have had the deferred parish council elections this year but, shamefully, most of these are not being contested… as usual! Only the West Ward of Billericay Town Council is actually being contested (for the first time in almost a decade), with thirteen candidates for the nine seats, including (for the first time) a large contingent of Liberal Democrats. This is, in truth, the only reason the ward is being contested at all. Meanwhile, Great Burstead & South Green Village Council (with only six candidates for eight seats), Little Burstead Parish Council (three candidates for five seats), Noak Bridge Parish Council (worst of all with only three candidates for seven seats), Ramsden Bellhouse Parish Council (who have got five for five) and Ramsden Crays Parish Council (four for five) will all be ‘returned unopposed’ (a local government euphemism for being unelected) and their numerous casual vacancies filled by co-option at some later stage (possibly – many parish councils just limp along without filling them). I find this utterly disgraceful and, frankly, to refer to these as ‘democratically elected bodies’ has become farcical. Most of them have not been properly elected in donkey’s years. The fact that nobody in the communities these bodies serve can be bothered to seek election to them probably ought to tell us something about their importance and worth.  Anyway, remember this when their precept crops up on your Council Tax bill! I think if I still lived in Noak Bridge, I’d be tipping my tea into the River Crouch. “No taxation without representation!”

Anyway, moving on to more important matters…

Current composition of Basildon Borough Council:

Current composition of Essex County Council:

Basildon Council has 42 councillors across 16 wards and holds elections three out of every four years, electing a third of the seats each time. There are fourteen seats up for grabs this year, plus a fifteenth seat in play due to a by-election in Langdon Hills. (NB: there are no elections in Wickford Castledon or Wickford Park because they are smaller two-member wards). The fate of each one will help determine who controls the Council. With the exception of 2018, when the Conservatives were briefly back in control with a slim majority, the Council has been in No Overall Control since 2014 and for the past two years has been run by a bizarre conglomeration of Labour and assorted ‘Independents’ (mostly former UKIP), who when banded together just narrowly outnumber the Conservatives, despite the latter remaining the largest single group on the Council with 18 councillors (and we remain the only group with representation in all three towns that make up the Borough – holding all the seats in Billericay, more than half the seats in Wickford, as well as seats in Laindon, Langdon Hills and Pitsea).

As you can see, the picture is rather different at County Hall, which has 75 seats across 70 divisions throughout Essex and is elected as a whole every four years (in the fourth year of Basildon’s four-year election cycle, when there are usually no borough elections). The Conservatives currently hold well over half the seats. Nine of those county councillors are returned by the residents of Basildon Borough, across our five divisions. Six of them are Conservative, two Labour and one Independent.

The first thing to note is that, once again, Basildon Conservatives are the ONLY political party in Basildon fielding a full slate of candidates in EVERY SEAT. Even with Labour and the Liberals fielding candidates in every ward/division for the first time in years, neither of them have put anybody up for the Langdon Hills by-election. The new kids on the block are the Basildon Community Residents Party, fielding candidates for the first time in the borough elections. The party emerged out of legitimate grievance over the Labour-led administration’s disastrous plans for Basildon Town Centre but does appear to have quickly become overrun by hard-left former Labour types, rendered politically homeless by the neo-Blairite rule of Gavin Callaghan locally and the downfall of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader nationally. Two of their candidates are former Labour councillors. Even more oddly, despite roundly criticising sitting councillors for not living in the wards they represent, most of their candidates do not live in the wards they are seeking election in. Embarrassingly, despite originally stating that they had nine candidates, only seven have made it onto the Statement of Persons Nominated. They are not fielding candidates in Billericay or Wickford, which was to be expected, but they have also failed to sign anyone up in Pitsea South-East or for either of the two Langdon Hills seats.

This year we also have a smattering of Reform UK candidates (the successors to the Brexit Party), with five candidates seeking election in mostly Basildon wards and four candidates for the county elections (in three of the five divisions). There are also a smattering of Independents of various kinds, two U’Kippers, one borough candidate for the far-right (and deeply nasty) ‘For Britain Movement’, and one county candidate for the far-left Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. The Wickford Independents are, understandably, only fielding candidates in Wickford.

As you can see from the above graphic, the current composition of Basildon Council has become rather convoluted. Out of the 42 councillors, there are currently 18 Conservatives, 15 Labour, 3 Independents (NB: Councillor Smith and his fellow stooges), 2 Wickford Independents, 2 ‘Absolute Independents’ (ex-Tories, not part of the ruling coalition) and one nominally ‘non-aligned’ member, Cllr Derrick Fellowes (Nethermayne), who is part of the coalition (currently serving as Deputy Mayor) but has not joined the Smithite faction. Confusing, I know. There is also currently a ‘casual vacancy’, occasioned by the recent death of Imelda Clancy (Ind, Langdon Hills). So, currently, the Administration enjoy a majority of just one. The composition at Essex is a bit more straightforward, as the Conservatives hold 53 seats and their main opposition is the Liberal Democrats, who hold 8 and Labour are on 6, followed by a smattering of Independents and third parties.

The magic number for an overall majority at Basildon is 22 seats – this is the number of seats a party needs to command an overall majority. So, as Tories, we would need to hold our current seats and gain at least three more to take back control. This year we are defending six of the fourteen, Labour are also defending six themselves, two are currently held by Independents, plus the Langdon Hills by-election.

If you are not sure which ward/division you come under, click here and enter your postcode.



Here are the runners and riders locally (I shall list the borough wards first and then the county division they fall within): Incumbents are marked with an ‘*’



  • HILTON, Tracey (Labour)
  • MANTERFIELD, Karen (Liberal Democrat)
  • McCAFFERY, Susan (UKIP)
  • SULLIVAN, Stuart (Conservative)*
Cllr Stuart Sullivan

Stuart Sullivan (pictured) is seeking re-election in Billericay East and is the long-serving Conservative Spokesman for Finance, currently sitting on the Policy and Resources Committee. Stuart has represented Billericay East since 2002. Tracey Hilton is the secretary of the Billericay Branch of the local Labour CLP and contested Billericay West in 2019. She has now pitched up in the East ward (she is also fighting the county seat). Karen Materfield is standing here again for the Liberals, having come third last time. We also have a blast from the past in the form of former town councillor Susan McCaffery, standing under the resurrected banner of UKIP. Stuart was last re-elected to Basildon Council in 2016 with 60% of the vote and a majority of 1,100 votes.



  • GODDARD, David (Labour)
  • SAINSBURY, Edward (Liberal Democrat)
  • TURNER, Phil (Conservative)*
Cllr Phil Turner

Phil Turner (pictured) is seeking re-election in Billericay West, which he has represented since 2002. Phil is a former Leader of Basildon Council and currently sits on the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee, as well as the regulatory Planning Committee. David Goddard is standing as Labour’s paper candidate this year (he contested Nethermayne in 2019). The one-man local Lib Dem revival, Edward Sainsbury, is standing again for the Liberals, having previously fought Billericay West in 2019 and come second. A little bird tells me this is in fact the only seat the Liberals are seriously contesting (and, indeed, their sudden interest in the West Ward of Billericay Town Council, where Mr Sainsbury is also a candidate, has triggered the first actual contested election there in almost a decade). Mr Sainsbury is also seeking election to the county seat. Phil is defending a majority of 1,327 (a 66% share of the vote in 2016).




  • CLARK, Laura (Liberal Democat)
  • MOORE, Richard (Conservative)*
  •  REID, Malcolm (Labour)
Cllr Dr Richard Moore

Dr Richard Moore (pictured) is seeking re-election in Burstead, having represented the seat since 2004. He is currently Conservative Spokesman for Strategic Planning & Infrastructure and serves on the committee of the same name. Having not fielded a candidate in 2019, the Liberals are standing Laura Clark, who is also seeking election to Billericay Town Council, as well as the county seat. Meanwhile, Labour have put up their long-serving paper candidate Malcolm Reid, a veteran of many token Labour campaigns. Richard is defending a majority of 1,097 (62% of the vote in 2016).



  • CLARK, Laura (Liberal Democrat)
  • HEDLEY, Anthony (Conservative)*
  • HILTON, Tracey (Labour)
  • McCAFFERY, Susan (UKIP)
  • MOORE, Richard (Conservative)*
  • REID, Malcolm (Labour)
  • SAINSBURY, Edward (Liberal Democrat)

Richard Moore (see above) is also seeking re-election to his county seat, along with his division colleague, Anthony Hedley (pictured below). Tony has represented Billericay & Burstead for 20 years and, like Richard, is also a borough councillor, representing Billericay West. At County Hall, Tony is currently Chairman of the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee and also sits on the Essex Pension Strategy Board, the Investment Steering Committee, the Basildon Local Highways Panel, the Transport Routes Appeal Panel, and the Youth Strategy Group (Basildon). He was also Chairman of the Essex Fire Authority for many years. Richard was first elected to County Hall in 2017 and currently chairs the Local Highways Panel and sits on the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee, the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Mid & South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership), and the Place Services and Economic Growth Policy and Scrutiny Committee.

Cllr Anthony Hedley

Fighting the division for the Liberals are Laura Clark and Edward Sainsbury (who are both also contesting borough wards, as well as Billericay Town Council), while Labour are fielding Tracey Hilton and Malcolm Reid (both also standing for borough seats). Susan McCaffery, who has thrown her hat in the ring for Billericay East at borough level, is also seeking one of the two Billericay & Burstead county seats. Tony and Richard were both returned in 2017 with 36% and 33% of the vote respectively (69% in total). Richard was more than 4,500 votes ahead of the third-place Labour candidate.



  • BROWN, Adele (Labour)*
  • HOWARD, Jim (Basildon Community Resident)
  • HOWARD, Vivien (Liberal Democrat)
  • SANDHU, Sandeep (Conservative)
  • WOODROW, Max (Reform UK)
Sandeep Sandhu

Labour Deputy Leader, Adele Brown, is defending her traditionally staunch Labour seat in Basildon. She is currently Deputy Leader of the Labour Group (but not the Council, as Labour are in coalition with the Smithite Independents) and currently serves as Chairman of the Planning Committee (widely seen as a demotion from her previous position as chair of the now defunct Infrastructure and Inclusive Growth Committee). She is very much a ‘Callaghan loyalist’ and one of the Labour Leader’s biggest supporters within the Labour Group but was seen as ‘out of her depth’ on IIG. She nevertheless remains a member of the senior Policy and Resources Committee and, as Planning has always been her ‘baby’, it may be for this reason that she has been moved back onto the regulatory committee. Her sense of loyalty has already stood the Administration in good stead, as she recently used her casting vote as chairman to pass the first of the controversial Basildon Town Centre tower block developments. I have always found Adele personally agreeable but, all is fair in love and war, and I will nonetheless be hoping our candidate, Sandeep Sandhu (pictured), unseats her. Sandeep is a family man and an engineer by trade, who would be a strong voice for Fryerns on the Council. Jim Howard, a former retailer, is standing for the Basildon Community Residents Party; a first-time candidate for a first-time party (made up mostly of disgruntled Labour voters, who oppose Labour locally but cannot bring themselves to vote Conservative). Vivien Howard (no relation) is standing again for the Liberals, having come a distant third here in 2019. Max Woodrow is a first-time candidate for Reform UK. Councillor Brown is defending a majority of 212 (44%) from 2016.



  • BATEMAN, Christopher (For Britain)
  • DALE, Mark (Basildon Community Resident)
  • LOW, Tony (Independent)
  • McCARTHY, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
  • STANBROOK, Angela (Labour)
  • WINGFIELD, Kevin (Conservative)
Kevin Wingfield

Laindon Park will be one of the key battlegrounds of this election, as evidenced by the decidedly ‘busy’ ballot paper, with an electorate that has been galvanised by the outrageous treatment of the Laindon Community Centre. The incumbent Independent councillor, Hazel Green, was originally elected as UKIP in 2016 with a majority of 234 (38%) over the Conservative runner-up, but she is quitting the seat. Following UKIP being decimated at the 2018 local elections, plus a resignation and a three-way split within the remaining rump of the group, Councillor Green was for a time the only remaining UKIP councillor. She obtained a degree of notoriety after the 2019 elections when, having initially courted the Conservatives, she ultimately decided to jump into bed with Labour. Ironically, it was the candidacy of another ‘Independent’, Tony Low, whose 2019 run in Laindon Park successfully took enough votes from the Conservatives to enable Labour’s John Scarola to win the seat – without which, Gavin Callaghan could not have regained control of the Council in the first place. Councillor Green has since joined the Smithite ‘Independent Group’ and announced that she will seek re-election in Councillor Smith’s Nethermayne stronghold, effectively abandoning her Laindon constituents.

Fortunately, we have in the person of Kevin Wingfield (pictured) an excellent, hard-working candidate to replace her. Kevin is a local Laindon resident and a data analyst by trade. He is probably one of the smartest guys I know and is a tenacious and hard-working campaigner. He would be an incredibly strong voice for Laindon.

His Labour challenger is Angela Stanbrook, who has lived in Laindon for five years and is vice-chair of the Radford Park Residents’ Association founded by Labour mayor, David Burton-Sampson. Meanwhile, first-time candidate Fred Southgate is seeking to reclaim the UKIP mantle but he is just one among a plethora of third party candidates. I have never heard of Christopher Bateman before. There was a perennial BNP candidate named Irene Bateman but I have no idea if they are related. Mr Bateman is, however, standing for the equally unpleasant ‘For Britain’. Stephen McCarthy is standing for the Liberals and Mr Low is standing yet again as an ‘Independent’ (whilst trying, in his leaflets, to pass himself off as some kind of authentic Tory – having unsuccessfully applied to be a official Conservative candidate a couple of years ago). Somewhat oddly, given their regular slating of sitting councillors for not living in the wards they represent, the Basildon Community Residents Party are fielding Pitsea resident Mark Dale in Laindon, who I gather does have past links to Laindon and was once upon a time a tenant rep’. In any case, whatever their particular hue, Laindoners should be once bitten, twice shy with these assorted ‘Independents’ and third parties. Labour won the seat by only a little over 50 votes in 2019 because Mr Low split the vote. A vote for any of these parties is a vote for Labour, which will simply allow the Callaghan candidate to get in. If Laindoners want a Labour councillor, they might as well just vote Labour. If they do not, then they need to vote for Kevin Wingfield! It really is that simple.



  • CHANDLER, Michael (Liberal Democrat)
  • FRIPP, Lewis (Reform UK)
  • HARRISON, Alex (Labour)
  • QUESTED, Kay (Basildon Community Resident)
  • SHUKLA, Deepak (Conservative)
Deepak Shukla

Labour’s Andrew Gordon won the seat in 2016 with a majority of 189 (45% of the vote) but has announced that he is retiring from the Council. Alex Harrison is the Labour candidate to replace him, having come second in Pitsea South-East in 2019. Mr Harrison is a long-time Labour candidate and appears to be one of Gavin Callaghan’s ‘bright young things’, having also stood previously in Langdon Hills in 2016 and 2018 (coming third both times). Our candidate is Deepak Shukla (pictured), a resident of Lee Chapel North, who will work hard for the ward and listen to residents, who have been ignored by their Labour councillors for too long.

Michael Chandler is standing again for the Liberals, having come third in 2019. Kay Quested is another first-time candidate standing for the Basildon Community Residents Party, and Lewis Fripp – who has been campaigning as ‘Cabby Lew’ – is standing under the banner of Reform UK, the rebranded Brexit Party. He strikes me as well-meaning but slightly naïve, having apparently adopted a policy platform that either addresses the somewhat myopic concerns of the local taxi trade (such as making St Nicholas Lane a four-lane carriagway) or makes wildly uncosted and undeliverable promises like building enough social housing to house everybody on the Council’s housing register (with no indication as to what that would cost, how it would be funded, or where they would be built). Alas, I fear he will only serve to split the vote and let in yet another mute Labour councillor for Lee Chapel North.

All three current Labour councillors for the ward have been notable by their deathly silence over Laindon Community Centre. Lee Chapel North deserves better. Deepak Shukla would be a hard working local councillor the residents can trust.



  • BROWN, Adele (Labour)
  • CHANDLER, Michael (Liberal Democrat)
  • DAVIES, Allan (Labour)*
  • FRIPP, Lewis (Reform UK)
  • HENRY, Jeff (Conservative)*
  • HOWARD, Vivien (Liberal Democrat)
  • LOW, Tony (Independent)
  • SAGGERS, Norma (Reform UK)
  • SCHRADER, Andrew (Conservative)
Andrew Schrader with Cllr Jeff Henry

The two-member county division of Laindon Park & Fryerns is currently split between Conservative and Labour. Conservative Jeff Henry topped the poll in 2017, with 2,196 votes (19%), while Labour’s Allan Davies took the second seat with 2,154 votes (18%), just beating the other Conservative candidate by a mere 77 votes. Jeff has been a rising star at County Hall, having been appointed a Deputy Cabinet Member for both Performance, Business, Planning and Partnerships and for Health and Adult Social Care. He also sits on the Basildon Local Highways Panel and the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit Joint Committee and is also a borough councillor for Laindon Park. For my sins, I am submitting myself as the second Conservative candidate for the Laindon Park & Fryerns division. It is a huge honour and privilege to have been selected to be Jeff’s running mate this year. Although I represent a Billericay seat on Basildon Council, I have in fact lived half my life in and around Basildon, including around a decade in Laindon itself. Both Laindon and Fryerns are very special communities, that I would be honoured to represent at County Hall. Jeff encouraged me to throw my hat in the ring and he and I are good mates and I know that we would work well together (hopefully alongside our local borough councillors!). We would be a strong team to give the division the powerful voice it deserves. The other Labour candidate in the division will be Adele Brown (see Fryerns above), who is also defending her borough seat this year. She stood for county in 2017 but came fourth. Other candidates include Martin Chandler and Vivien Howard for the Liberals, Lewis Fripp and Norma Saggers for Reform UK, Fred Southgate for UKIP and Tony Low as an Independent (all of whom are also fighting borough seats).



  • ALLEN, Christopher (Conservative)
  • BROWN, Walt (Independent)
  • FELLOWES, Derrick (no description)
  • MACHIPISA ZWENGUNDE, Clarence (Labour)
  • NICKLIN, Timothy (Liberal Democrat)
  • ROBBINS, Val (Independent)
  • SANSOM, Charlie (Conservative)
  • X, None Of The Above (no description)
Chris Allen

I thought it would be candidates galore here, as both seats are up for grabs this year in the small two-member enclave of Langdon Hills, where the incumbent Conservative councillor, Stephen Hillier, has retired after 20 years service. There is also a by-election taking place following the death of Smithite Independent councillor Imelda Clancy (Kerry Smith’s mother) in January but most of the parties do not seem to have been geared up to field a second candidate. Only the Conservatives and Councillor Smith himself are fielding two. Steve Hillier was only narrowly re-elected in 2016, with a majority of just 2 votes (39% of the vote). By contrast, the late Councillor Clancy won the seat with a majority of 628 (53% of the vote) in 2018. So, there is a mountain to climb here for our candidates but Charlie Sansom is an enthusiastic young guy and has been working the ward hard since he was selected to replace Steve. He is now joined by Chris Allen (pictured), a local resident and Conservative campaigner, who has been selected to fight the by-election.

Councillor Smith is fielding Walt Brown and Val Robbins but also throwing his hat in the ring is Derrick Fellowes, currently a nominal ‘non-aligned’ councillor for Nethermayne and Deputy Mayor of Basildon. He has announced that he will seek election in Langdon Hills rather than fight the seat he has represented for the past four years. Both wards are regarded as Smithite ‘pocket wards’ and the two men apparently do not get on. Councillor Fellowes, who was originally elected for UKIP, is the only former ‘Kipper still on the Council who has not become a Smithite. Given the Smithites label themselves ‘Independents’, Councillor Fellowes is lacking any description on the ballot paper – which, actually, does sum him up rather nicely! He was a close ally of former UKIP councillor, Linda Allport-Hodge, who succeeded Councillor Smith as Leader of the UKIP Group following his fall from grace in late 2014 but, since she left the Council, the always rather vapid Councillor Fellowes has become a really quite nauseating lickspittle for Labour leader Gavin Callaghan. He often posts on Councillor Callaghan’s Facebook page, with fawning praise of such saccharine obsequiousness that, frankly, even Callaghan himself must find it cringeworthy to read.

Labour and the Liberals are fielding a candidate apiece. Dr Tim Nicklin is a first-time candidate but Clarence Zwengunde, curiously, previously stood as an independent in Lee Chapel North in 2016 (coming last) before joining Labour. He stood for them in Laindon Park in 2018 and came second. For anyone not content with any of these option, Langdon Hills is almost unique in enjoying an abstention option on the ballot paper, courtesy of the retired champion lightweight boxer formerly known as Terry Marsh, who has legally changed his name by Deed Poll to None Of The Above X. Though Mr X did get himself into a bit of bother at the 2017 county elections, he is back on the ballot paper for your protest-voting pleasure.



  • BAKER, Michael (Labour)
  • COTTRELL, Mark (Conservative)
  • GREEN, Hazel (Independent)
  • NICE, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
  • SAGGERS, Norma (Reform UK)
  • WHITWELL, Lauren (Basildon Community Residents)
Mark Cottrell

The outgoing councillor, Derrick Fellowes (see Langdon Hills), won this seat for UKIP in 2016 with a majority of 166 (27%). Ah, those were the heady days for UKIP. They were the second-largest group on the Council, the referendum had been won, but Brexit had not yet been delivered. But by the local elections in 2018, they were done. They went from being the main Opposition on the Council to just five seats and their national leadership imploded after the resignation of Nigel Farage. Now they have all morphed into various kinds of ‘Ukipendents’. Councillor Fellowes has sat recently as a nominally ‘non-aligned’ councillor, as he could not join the Smithites due to the personal animus between him and Kerry Smith. No such trouble for the last remaining ‘Kipper, Laindon Park councillor Hazel Green, who formally joined the Independent Group in 2019. Now it really is ‘all change’, with Councillor Fellowes doing the ‘chicken run’ to Langdon Hills instead of seeking re-election in Nethermayne and, conversely, Councillor Green doing likewise and eschewing a fight for re-election in Laindon Park in favour of being parachuted into Nethermayne as the latest in a long line of human sock-puppets prepared to do Councillor Smith’s bidding. He already succeeded in having Pauline Kettle installed in Nethermayne in 2019 and hopes to repeat the feat. Some of you may recall that Councillor Kettle achieved a degree of dubious notoriety for her repeated abstentions at the Planning Committee, which enabled the Labour chairman to use her casting vote to pass a controversial development in Basildon Town Centre.

Our candidate in Nethermayne will be Mark Cottrell (pictured), who has been a parish councillor and is a hard-working guy. He would serve Nethermayne well, given the chance, and residents should think twice before entrusting their vote to yet another faceless cipher for Kerry Smith.

Labour are fielding Michael Baker, a first-time candidate, but veteran candidate Steve Nice is flying the flag once more for the Liberals. Sadly, despite being a former Lib Dem stronghold, Mr Nice came in last in 2019, with just 3% of the vote. Lauren Whitwell, like most of the Basildon Community Resident candidates, is fighting her first election. One surprise addition to the ballot paper is Norma Saggers, a long-time supporter of UKIP and later the Brexit Party. She had previously been slated to run in Lee Chapel North before announcing she would not be standing. So it is a surprise to see her cropping up in Nethermayne and in the Laindon Park & Fryerns county division.



  • ADEKUNLE ADENIRAN, Kayode (Labour)
  • MURRAY, David (Trade Unionist and Socialist)
  • NICKLIN, Timothy (Liberal Democrat)
  • SANSOM, Charlie (Conservative)
  • SMITH, Kerry (Independent)*
  • X, None Of The Above (no description)
Charlie Sansom

The man himself, Kerry Smith, Leader of the self-styled ‘Independent Group’ and Deputy Leader of the Labour-led Basildon Council is seeking re-election to his Essex County Council seat of Westley Heights, covering his Nethermayne ward, as well as Langdon Hills and a sliver of Vange. He has represented the single-member division since 2012 and was re-elected in 2017 with a stonking majority of 2,012 (61% of the vote) over the Conservative candidate (some hapless drongo whose name escapes me). But for all his accumulated grand titles at Basildon, Councillor Smith is a virtual nobody at County Hall, being a mere member of the Non-aligned Group and maybe this year, now that Councillor Smith has shown his true colours at Basildon, some of the shine may have come off that ‘hail-fellow-well-met’ façade that has beguiled the voters of Westley Heights for the past nine years. Our plucky candidate seeking to send him packing is Charlie Sansom (see also Langdon Hills).  Charlie (pictured) is a single dad and is very tenacious and hard-working. He could be a fresh start for Westley Heights and I hope he will do well.

Kayode Adeniran, currently a Labour borough councillor for Lee Chapel North, is seeking to win the Westley Heights Division for Labour, while Dr Tim Nicklin (see Langdon Hills) is standing for the Liberals. David Murray, who has been strongly associated with the Basildon Community Residents Party (which definitely isn’t a hard-left front group) is standing here for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. Once again, as in Langdon Hills, if you do not like any of these options, you have an abstention option in the form of Mr None Of The Above X.



  • BURKE TERSON, Stuart (Conservative)
  • CALLAGHAN, Gavin (Labour)*
  • HOGG, Jacob (Basildon Community Residents Party)
  • HOWARD, Martin (Liberal Democrat)
Stuart Burke Terson

The Labour Leader of the Council, Gavin Callaghan, is defending his Pitsea North-West seat, which he has represented since 2012, having been re-elected in 2016 with a majority of 235 (44% of the vote). Councillor Callaghan has been in charge of Basildon Council since 2019 and I suspect that my feelings about him are so well-known that it is hardly necessary for me to dilate upon them here. Suffice it to say, he is the source of much of the toxicity in Basildon politics and, if he could be unseated, it would be a great step towards restoring civility and reason to the state of political discourse in our borough. Seeking to do just that will be local man Stuart Terson, who lives in the ward and has been involved in the community there, most notably the Pitsea Carnival. Meeting Stuart, the contrast with his Labour opponent could hardly be more stark. He is calm, courteous, reasonable and eager to be helpful. Pitsea North-West could not hope for a better representative. Martin Howard, perennial Pitsea Liberal, is standing here again. Also throwing his hat in the ring to unseat the Labour Leader is disgruntled Labour voter Jason Hogg, standing for the Basildon Community Residents Party. He is a classic staunch left-winger that would never vote Tory but simply cannot bring himself to vote for a local Labour Party led by a self-serving egotist like Gavin Callaghan. Good luck to him. I hope he comes second behind Stuart Terson! Stuart appears on the ballot paper under his full legal name, Stuart Burke Terson. He habitually only goes by Terson but did not realise there was a ‘commonly known as’ option on the application form. Hopefully, he is not the only person in Pitsea North-West looking to drop a Burke.



  • ANSELL, Andrew (Labour)*
  • BREEDON, Simon (Independent)
  • CANHAM, Gary (Conservative)
  • LANCASTER, Peter (Liberal Democat)
  • TOOLEY, Daniel (Reform UK)

Labour’s Andy Ansell is seeking re-election to the seat he won in a by-election in 2018, following the resignation of a UKIP councillor. Councillor Ansell is defending a majority of just 8 votes, having only narrowly beaten the Conservative candidate. This was a somewhat aberrant result, as in the local elections that had been held just a month earlier, there had been two seats up for grabs in Pitsea South-East, both of which we won. When Craig Rimmer sought re-election the following year, he retained the seat for the Conservatives with a whopping majority of 290, having secured 52% of the vote. We have high hopes that our candidate, Gary Canham (pictured below), will make Pitsea South-East an all-blue ward. Gary previously represented the neighbouring seat of Pitsea North-West for four years. He was a fastidious councillor and would be a great addition to the Conservative team in Pitsea South-East.

Gary Canham

Peter Lancaster is standing as a first-time candidate for the Liberals and Daniel Tooley is standing under the banner of Reform UK, the successor to the Brexit Party. Oddly, despite announcing that he would be standing in Vange, Simon Breedon has popped up in Pitsea South-East as an Independent. You may remember him from such disastrous election campaigns as his 2018 run in Nethermayne for UKIP, when he came last with just 3% of the vote and made it into the newspapers by slandering another candidate in his leaflets.



  • ADEMUYIWA, Davida (Conservative)
  • BURTON-SAMPSON, David (Labour)*
  • JENKINS, Philip (Liberal Democrat)
  • RACKLEY, Patricia (Basildon Community Resident)
Davida Ademuyiwa

The Labour Mayor of Basildon, David Burton-Sampson, is defending his traditionally safe Labour seat in Basildon Town Centre, having won it in 2016 with a majority of 238 (47%). Mayor Burton-Sampson currently also sits on the Town Centre Revival Committee and is Vice-Chairman of the Local Government Reorganisation and Transition Committee. He is notable for having thrown his full backing behind potentially disastrous plans to fill Basildon Town Centre with high-rise tower blocks. This is being resolutely opposed by our candidate, local resident Davida Ademuyiwa (pictured), who was an early campaigner against Labour’s Disasterplan.

Former Lib Dem councillor Phil Jenkins, who only held his Nethermayne seat for less than year (back in 2010-11), is standing again in St Martin’s, having come third here in 2019. Laindon resident, Pat Rackley, is standing for the Basildon Community Residents Party and was previously a Labour councillor for St Martin’s from 2007 to 2015. She latterly sat as ‘Independent Labour’ after being driven out of the Labour Party amid accusations she was being bullied



  • ADESHILE, Yetunde (Conservative)
  • McGURRAN, Aidan (Labour)*
  • RACKLEY, Phil (Basildon Community Resident)
  • SMITH, Peter (Liberal Democrat)
Yetunde Adeshile

Labour incumbent (and Billericay resident) Aidan McGurran is defending this seat. Having previously represented Pitsea South-East from 2012 to 2016, he won the 2019 Vange by-election by just 26 votes (51%) over Conservative runner-up, Yetunde Adeshile (pictured). Councillor McGurran is currently Chairman of the Economic Development and Recovery Committee and sits on the Policy and Resources Committee. He is a key ally of Gavin Callaghan, acting as his ‘attack dog’ and ‘enforcer’ (as any unfortunately member of the public who has conversed with him over Facebook will attest). Yetunde is coming after him again. She is a tireless local community activist and would be a tremendous asset to Basildon Council and a strong voice for Vange.

Former Labour councillor Phil Rackley is standing on behalf of the Basildon Community Residents Party. Mr Rackley was originally a long-serving Labour councillor (who sat on the Council on and off for 20 years between 1984 and 2016, first in Laindon and later for St Martin’s) but fell out with his erstwhile colleagues and sat for a time as ‘Independent Labour’ and then ultimately as a Green. I remember Phil well and he is actually an alright bloke but is a fanatical Corbyn-supporting Marxist. His seething dislike of Gavin Callaghan is probably one of the few things we agree on. Peter Smith is standing as a first-time Liberal candidate.



  • HOWARD, Martin (Liberal Democrat)
  • JENKINS, Philip (Liberal Democrat)
  • MACKENZIE, Luke (Conservative)
  • McGURRAN, Aidan (Labour)
  • REID, Patricia (Labour)*
  • RIMMER, Craig (Conservative)
  • TOOLEY, Daniel (Reform UK)
Craig Rimmer and Luke Mackenzie

The two-member county division of Pitsea is, like its Laindon Park & Fryerns counterpart, currently split between Conservative and Labour. Conservative Stephen Hillier topped the poll in 2017, with 2,654 votes (20%), while Labour’s Pat Reid took the second seat with 2,605 votes (19%). Councillor Reid is seeking re-election for Labour but Steve Hillier is retiring. Seeking to replace him and take the other seat as well is the dynamic Pitsea duo of Luke Mackenzie and Craig Rimmer, both currently sitting Conservative borough councillors for Pitsea South-East and a proven dream team. The other Labour candidate in the division will be Billericay resident and Callaghan hard man Aidan McGurran (see Vange).

Other candidates include Martin Howard (also standing in Pitsea North-West) and Phil Jenkins (St Martin’s) for the Liberals and Daniel Tooley (Pitsea South-East) as the lone Reform UK candidate.










  • ALLEN, Stuart (Conservative)*
  • BARLOW, Sean (Independent)
  • BLAKE, Simon (Liberal Democrat)
  • BURTON-SAMPSON, Mark (Labour)
  • HUNTLEY, Neil (Reform UK)
Cllr Stuart Allen

Stuart Allen (pictured) is seeking re-election in Crouch, having represented the seat since 2002. He currently serves on the Licensing Committee and is the long-serving secretary of the Conservative Group. Wickford resident Sean Barlow, oddly, is contesting Crouch as an Independent. I say ‘oddly’, as apart from the fact that he does not live there, I am suprised he is not standing for Labour, as he is such a massive cheerleader for them, acting as an unpaid mouthpiece for the Administration on social media. The actual Labour candidate is Mark Burton-Sampson, husband of Labour Mayor of Basildon, David Burton-Sampson. Simon Blake is a first-time Liberal candidate and, likewise, Neil Huntley is a standing in his first election for Reform UK, the successor outfit to the Brexit Party. Stuart is defending a majority of 479 (54% of the vote in 2016).



  • BALL, Alan (Wickford Independent)
  • MORRIS, Carole (Conservative)*
  • HOAD, Nicola (Liberal Democrats)
  • PALMER, Gillian (Labour)
Cllr Carole Morris

Veteran Wickford North councillor Carole Morris (pictured) is seeking re-election for the fifth time, having represented the seat for over 20 years. Carole was last re-elected in 2016 with a majority of 74 (41%), in what was a relatively narrow victory that year, and currently sits on the Planning Committee. It is worth noting that we lost this seat in 2019 (in one of the most shocking results of the night) to the Wickford Independents. One wonders how the residents of Wickford feel about that now, given that the Wickford ‘Independents’ ultimately ended up propping up a Labour-led Administration – bearing in mind that Labour only scored a 13% share of the vote in Wickford North that year. Indeed, only 585 people across the whole of Wickford cast their votes for the Labour Party, compared to 2,790 for the Conservatives. Yet, despite that, and the fact we remained the largest single group on the Council, the ‘Windies’ felt it was legitimate to put Labour in charge. Since then, they have connived to build on Wick Green (in contravention of their expressed election promises), decommission two much-needed local play areas in Wickford North, continued the failure to enforce against illegal development at Hovefields, and even sought to desecrate a war memorial! The people of Wickford North should not be fooled a second time.

Standing for the Windies is former UKIP and later Wickford Independent councillor Alan Ball, a veteran of the 2017-18 Labour-led coalition (Windies are nothing if not consistent in siding with Labour), who lost his seat in 2018 and failed in his bid for re-election to the neighbouring ward of Wickford Castledon in 2019. Nicola Hoad is standing as a first-time candidate for the Liberals but the Labour candidate, Gillian Palmer, stood in the 2019 local elections in Billericay East, coming last.



  • BALL, Tony (Conservative)*
  • BARLOW, Sean (Independent)
  • BLAKE, Simon (Liberal Democrat)
  • BROCKMAN, Eunice (Wickford Independent)
  • BUCKLEY, Malcolm (Conservative)*
  • BURTON-SAMPSON, Mark (Labour)
  • HOAD, Nicola (Liberal Democrat)
  • HUNTLEY, Neil (Reform UK)
  • PALMER, Gillian (Labour)
Cllr Tony Ball

The Wickford Crouch Disivison, which encompasses the entirety of the town of Wickford as well as the long, oddly-shaped Crouch Ward, that takes in the settlements of Ramsden Bellhouse, Crays Hill, Noak Bridge, Steepleview, and a sliver of Laindon north of the A127, all the way down to the hamlet of Dunton, is currently represented by Consertive stalwards Tony Ball (pictured) and Malcolm Buckley (pictured below). Tony has represented the division since 2017 and is currently Cabinet Member for Economic Development and also sits on the Local Children’s Partnership Board for South Essex. He is a former Leader of Basildon Council and represented Wickford North from 1998 to 2014. Malcolm, meanwhile, has been a county councillor since 2013 and sits on the Corporate Policy and Scrutiny Committee. He is still a Basildon borough councillor, having sat on the Council on and off since 1988, making him the longest-serving councillor in Basildon. Tony and Malcolm topped the ballot in 2017 with a combined 9,039 votes (56% of the vote).

Cllr Malcolm Buckley

Previous runner up, Eunice Brockman, is standing as the only candidate for the Wickford Independents. She is also a borough councillor for Wickford North. Her ‘Wickford’ Independent party name will probably let her down in the Crouch part of the division, along with her affiliation to Labour, who typically perform poorly in both Wickford and Crouch.

Also contesting the division are Simon Blake and Nicola Hoad for the Liberals, Mark Burton-Sampson and Gillian Palmer for Labour, Neil Huntley as the lone Reform UK candidate and Sean Barlow is also standing as an Independent – although, somewhat bizarrely, the Windies are touting him on social media as their candidate (but that’s not what it says on the ballot paper!). It does at least make it clear that Sean Barlow is, in effect, a Labour candidate, who would join the Windies and the alliance with Labour if elected. All the county candidates are also contesting borough seats.



As previously mentioned, the Conservative Party are, once again, the ONLY party fielding candidates in EVERY ward, all over the Borough.

We have a few couples standing this year: David and Mark Burton-Sampson (Lab, St Martin’s and Crouch / Wickford Crouch respectively) are, I think, possibly the first same-sex couple; I believe David Goddard and Angela Stanbrook (Lab, Billericay West and Laindon Park) are a couple; Martin and Vivien Howard (Lib Dem, Pitsea North-West / Pitsea and Fryerns / Laindon Park & Fryerns); Phil and Pat Rackley (BCRP, Vange and St Martin’s); and Malcolm and Pat Reid (Lab, Burstead and Pitsea). Carole Morris (Con, Wickford North) is also a ‘political spouse’, as her husband is Cllr Don Morris (Con, Wickford Castledon). Richard Moore (Con, Burstead / Billericay & Burstead) is a ‘sort of’ spouse, as his wife Moira is a Billericay town councillor.

We have four former councillors seeking to rejoin Basildon Council: Alan Ball (WI, Wickford North), Phil Jenkins (LD, St Martin’s), Pat Rackley (BCRP, St Martin’s) and Phil Rackley (BCRP, Vange). Interestingly, only Mrs Rackley is standing in the seat she previously represented.

We have around twenty candidates who, to the best of my knowledge, are fighting their first election campaigns (which I think may be a record).

We have two retiring councillors this year – Andrew Gordon (Lab, Lee Chapel North) and Stephen Hillier (Con, Langdon Hills / Pitsea). Andrew spent eight years on the Council, first as a councillor in Nethermayne (2011-15) and then, after a break, Lee Chapel North (2016-21). He has been a tireless campaigner for mental health issues and I wish him well for the future. Steve has been a Basildon borough councillor for almost 20 years, having represented Langdon Hills since 2002. He has also been an Essex county councillor for the Pitsea Division since 2017 and served on the Council for many years alongside his wife, Sandra, who represented Langdon Hills herself (2000-14) and was herself a county councillor for Pitsea (2009-12). Steve and Sandra recently retired to Dorset where – in a spirit of ‘You can’t keep a good dog down’ – Steve has already got himself co-opted onto the local parish council. I was active in Langdon Hills Branch myself for many years and I shall miss political gossip over tea and cake at the Hilliers’. Steve was always a ‘good committee man’. I have fond memories of our years together on Planning, when discussion on particularly tricky items would always commence with everyone looking expectantly at Steve, who could generally be relied upon to kick off a debate. He would then give me a lift home and we would sit outside my flat gossiping and plotting, as politicians are wont to do. He was always witty, well-read, and erudite. I shall miss our conversations. Even more so, however, I shall miss Steve and Sandra’s legendary entertaining; the Bastile Day and Beaujolais Nouveau soirées, the Burns Nights with haggis, neeps and tatties, and the strawberry afternoon tea luncheons. Nobody could lay on a spread quite like Steve and Sandra Hillier. I wish them both a long and happy retirement.


  • 'APPLEBY, Sir Humphrey' (fictional character)
  • 'Basildon Borough Alliance' (Labour-led coalition)
  • "Echo" (newspaper)
  • 1922 Committee
  • ABDULLAH II, King of Jordan
  • ABRAHALL, David (fmr. Tory cllr for Pitsea SE)
  • ACPO (Assoc. of Chief Police Officers)
  • ADENIRAN, Cllr Kayode (Lab, Lee Chapel North)
  • ADESHILE, Yetunde (Tory candidate)
  • ADONIS, Andrew, Lord (Labour peer)
  • Advice Store, The
  • Afghanistan
  • AKER, Tim (fmr UKIP Thurrock cllr & MEP)
  • ALDOUS, Clive (Billericay resident)
  • ALLEN, Chris (Tory candidate)
  • ALLEN, Cllr Stuart (Con, Crouch)
  • ALLPORT-HODGE, Linda (fmr. UKIP cllr for Langdon Hills)
  • ALLPORT, Leslie (UKIP candidate)
  • ANDREWS, Mike (Chair, Billericay Action Group)
  • Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985
  • ANSELL, Cllr Andrew (Lab, Pitsea SE)
  • Anti-Semitism
  • ARCHER, Anthony (late Tory cllr for Billericay East)
  • ARCHIBALD, William (late Labour cllr for Fryerns)
  • Armed Forces
  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • ARNOLD, Amanda (fmr. Tory cllr for Pitsea SE)
  • Article 50 (Brexit)
  • ATTLEE, Clement, 1st Earl, KG OM CH (fmr. Labour PM)
  • AUSTIN, Ron
  • Autumn Statement
  • BAGGOTT, Cllr Andrew (Con, Burstead & fmr Leader of Basildon Council)
  • BALL, Alan (fmr. Wickford Ind cllr for Wickford Castledon)
  • BALL, Cllr Tony (Cty Cllr for Wickford Crouch and fmr. Leader of Basildon Council)
  • BALLS, Rt Hon Ed (fmr. Labour Chancellor)
  • BARLEY, Emily (Chair, Conservatives for Liberty)
  • BARNES, Andy (fmr. Tory cllr for Laindon Park)
  • BARON, John, MP (Con, Basildon & Billericay)
  • Basildon (New Town)
  • Basildon & Billericay (constituency)
  • Basildon & Billericay Conservative Assoc
  • Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital
  • Basildon Borough Council
  • Basildon Business Group
  • Basildon Community Safety Partnership
  • Basildon Heritage & Museum Group
  • Basildon Sporting Village
  • Basildon Town Centre
  • Basildon, Borough of
  • Benn Act (2019) (aka Surrender Act)
  • BENN, Flt Lt the Hon Michael, DFC
  • BENN, Hon Emily (fmr Labour cllr in Croydon)
  • BENN, Rt Hon Hilary, MP (Lab, Leeds Central)
  • BENN, Rt Hon Tony (late Labour MP)
  • BENN, Sir John, Bt (late Liberal MP)
  • BENNETT, Alan (fmr. Lab cllr for Lee Chapel North)
  • BENNETT, Santa (Labour candidate)
  • BEVAN, Rt Hon Aneurin (late Labour MP)
  • BIDDLE, Cllr Mark (Shotgate parish cllr)
  • BIFFEN, John, Lord, PC DL (late Tory Peer)
  • Billericay (town)
  • Billericay Action Group (BAG)
  • Billericay Community Cinema (BillericayCine)
  • Billericay Conservation Area
  • Billericay District Residents' Assoc.
  • Billericay East (ward)
  • Billericay High Street
  • Billericay School
  • Billericay Swimming Pool
  • Billericay Town Council
  • Billericay West (ward)
  • BINGHAM, Stuart (snooker player, Freeman of Basildon)
  • BIRD, Roger
  • BLAIR, Rt Hon Tony (fmr. Labour PM)
  • BLAKE, Ann (fmr. Tory cllr for Pitsea SE)
  • BLAKE, Cllr Kevin (Ab Ind, Burstead)
  • BLANEY, Lewis (Labour candidate)
  • BLOCK, Kayte (fmr. Lab cllr for Vange)
  • BLUNKETT, David, Lord, PC (Labour peer)
  • BOBBIN, Ald. Keith (fmr. Labour cllr for Pitsea NW)
  • BOLTER, Natasha
  • Bow Group
  • BRADY, Sir Graham, MP (Con, Altrincham & Sale West and Chair, 1922 Cttee)
  • BREEDON, Simon (fmr. UKIP candidate, now Ind)
  • BRENTFORD, 1st Viscount (Sir William Joynson-Hicks, late Tory Home Secretary)
  • Brexit
  • British National Party
  • BRITTAN of SPENNITHORNE, Leon, Lord, PC QC (late Tory peer)
  • BROCKMAN, Cllr Eunice (WInd, Wickford North)
  • BROOKS, Dr Edwin
  • BROWN, Cllr Adele (Lab, Fryerns)
  • BROWN, Rt Hon Gordon (fmr. Labour PM)
  • BROWNE, Lorraine (fmr Basildon Council officer)
  • Buckingham Palace
  • BUCKLEY, Christopher
  • BUCKLEY, Cllr Malcolm (Con, Wickford Castledon)
  • BUCKLEY, Sylvia (late Tory cllr for Wickford Castledon)
  • Budget
  • BURNHAM, Rt Hon Andy (Mayor of Greater Manchester)
  • Burstead (ward)
  • BURTON-SAMPSON, Cllr David (Lab, St Martin's & Mayor of Basildon)
  • Business Rates
  • BUTLER of SAFFRON WALDEN, R. A., Lord, KG CH (late Tory peer)
  • BUXTON, Andrew (fmr. Lab cllr for St Martin's)
  • BYRNE, Rt Hon Liam, MP (Lab, Birmingham Hodge Hill)
  • CALLAGHAN, Cllr Gavin (Lab, Pitsea NW & Leader of Basildon Council)
  • CAMERON, Elwen
  • CAMERON, Florence
  • CAMERON, Nancy
  • CAMERON, Rt Hon David (fmr. Tory PM)
  • CAMERON, Samantha
  • CAMILLA, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, GCVO
  • CAMPBELL, Alistair
  • CANHAM, Gary (fmr. Tory cllr for Pitsea NW)
  • Care Quality Commission
  • CARRINGTON, Peter, 6th Lord, KG GCMG CH MC (late Tory peer)
  • CARRION, Jose (fmr UKIP cllr for Pitsea SE)
  • CARSWELL, Douglas (fmr. UKIP MP)
  • CATLING, Louise (Labour candidate)
  • Centre for Policy Studies
  • CHANDLER, Michael (Lib Dem candidate)
  • Chelmsford City Council
  • CHURCHILL, Rt Hon Sir Winston, KG &c (late Tory PM)
  • Citizens' Advice Bureau
  • Civil Military Partnership Board
  • CLANCY, Cllr Imelda (Ind, Langdon Hills)
  • CLARKE of NOTTINGHAM, Kenneth, Lord, CH PC QC (Tory peer)
  • CLEGG, Rt Hon Sir Nick (fmr. Lib Dem leader)
  • COKER, Mark (Tory candidate)
  • Community Charge (Poll Tax)
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • CONROY, Mark (UKIP candidate)
  • Conservative & Unionist Party
  • Conservatives for Liberty
  • CORBYN, Rt Hon Jeremy, MP (Ind, Islington North & fmr Leader of the Opposition)
  • Corporation Tax
  • Council Tax
  • COX, Jo (late Labour MP)
  • CRABB, Rt Hon Stephen, MP (Con, Preseli Pembrokeshire)
  • CRAWFORD, Marion, CVO
  • Crime
  • Criminal Justice & Public Order Act (1994)
  • CRIPPS, Rt Hon Sir Stafford (late Labour MP)
  • CROSLAND, Rt Hon Anthony (late Labour MP)
  • Crouch (ward)
  • DADDS, Cllr David, JP (Con, Billericay East & fmr Mayor of Basildon)
  • Daily Mail
  • Daily Mirror
  • Dale Farm
  • Data Retention Investigatory Powers Act (2014)
  • DAVIES, Cllr Allan (Lab, Fryerns)
  • DAVIS, Rt Hon David, MP (Con, Haltemprice & Howden)
  • Deficit
  • Deforestation
  • Democrats and Veterans Party
  • Digi Hub
  • DORNAN, John (fmr. Tory cllr for Laindon Park)
  • DOVE, Alf, MBE (late Labour cllr)
  • DOWNES, Paul (UKIP candidate)
  • Downing Street
  • DOYLE-PRICE, Jackie, MP (Tory MP for Thurrock)
  • DRUMMOND, John (Green candidate)
  • Dry Street
  • DUNCAN SMITH, Rt Hon Sir Iain, MP (Con, Chingford & Woodford Green)
  • DWYER, Ian (Tory candidate)
  • EACERSALL, David (DVP candidate, formerly UKIP)
  • Economic Development & Growth Cttee. (now disbanded)
  • Economy
  • EDWARD, HRH The Duke of Windsor (fmr King Edward VIII)
  • Elizabeth Cottage (Billericay High Street)
  • ELIZABETH II, HM The Queen
  • ELIZABETH, HM the Queen Mother
  • ELLIS, Mark (fmr. UKIP cllr for Laindon Park)
  • Employment & General Purposes Cttee (now disbanded)
  • Employment Act (1980)
  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Environment Agency
  • Essex Chambers of Commerce
  • Essex County Council
  • Essex Countywide Traveller Unit
  • Essex Fire Authority
  • Essex Police
  • Essex Wildlife Trust
  • Euro (European Single Currency)
  • Europe
  • European Arrest Warrant
  • European Economic Community
  • European elections
  • European Exchange Rate Mechanism
  • European Union
  • Exchange Rate Mechanism
  • FELLOWES, Cllr Derrick (N'Mayne Ind, Nethermayne)
  • Felmores Bail Hostel
  • FERGUSON, Cllr Jack (Lab, Pitsea NW)
  • FERGUSON, Frank (fmr. UKIP cllr for Lee Chapel North)
  • FOOT, Rt Hon Michael, FRSL (late Labour MP)
  • FOX, Rt Hon Dr Liam, MP (Tory MP for North Somerset)
  • France
  • FRANCOIS, Rt Hon Mark, MP (Con, Rayleigh & Wickford)
  • Freedom of the Borough
  • Fryerns (ward)
  • Future High Streets Fund
  • G8
  • Gambling Act (2003)
  • GANDHI, Mahatma
  • GANDY, Kim
  • GANDY, Terry (UKIP candidate)
  • Gateway FM
  • General Election
  • George Hurd Centre
  • GEORGE V, HM King
  • GEORGE VI, HM King
  • GIBBS, Dr Phillip (UKIP candidate)
  • GILLAN, Stephen (Labour candidate)
  • GILMOUR of CRAIGMILLAR, Iain, Lord (late Tory peer)
  • GODDARD, David (Labour candidate)
  • Good Friday Agreement
  • GORDON, Cllr Andrew (Lab, Lee Chapel North)
  • GORDON, Lynda (fmr. Labour cllr for Lee Chapel North)
  • GOVE, Rt Hon Michael, MP (Con, Surrey Heath)
  • Government
  • Grammar Schools
  • GRANT, Colin (Lib Dem candidate)
  • GRANT, Liz (Lib Dem candidate)
  • Green Belt
  • Green Party
  • GREEN, Cllr Hazel (Ind, Laindon Park)
  • GREY of FALLODEN, Edward, 1st Viscount, KG (late Liberal Foreign Secretary)
  • GRIFFIN, David (Chelsea pensioner)
  • GROGAN, Pat
  • Gt. Burstead & Sth. Green Village Council
  • Gypsies & Trevellers
  • HAGUE of RICHMOND, William, Lord (Tory peer)
  • HALFON, Rt Hon Robert, MP (Con, Harlow)
  • HALL, Dean (Green candidate)
  • HAMILTON, Neil, AM (UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly)
  • HAMMANS, Cliff (UKIP candidate)
  • Hannakins Farm
  • HANNON, Loren (UKIP candidate)
  • Hard-working Families
  • Harlow Borough Council
  • HARRIS, Rebecca, MP (Con, Castle Point)
  • HARRISON, Alex (Labour candidate)
  • HARRISON, Cllr David (WInd, Wickford Park)
  • HARRISON, Derek (Wickford Independents candidate)
  • HARRY (Henry), HRH The Duke of Sussex, KCVO
  • HARVEY, Steve (DVP candidate)
  • HEAD, Anthony (actor)
  • HEALEY, Dennis, Lord, CH MBE FRSL (late Labour Chancellor)
  • Health & Social Care, Dept for
  • HEATH, Rt Hon Sir Edward, KG MBE (late Tory PM)
  • HEDLEY-BARNES, Stephanie (Tory candidate)
  • HEDLEY, Cllr Anthony (Con, Billericay West)
  • HENRY, Cllr Jeff (Con, Laindon Park)
  • HERBING, Graham (Labour candidate)
  • HESELTINE, Michael, Lord, CH (Tory peer)
  • HILLIER, Cllr Stephen (Con, Langdon Hills)
  • HILLIER, Sandra (fmr. Tory cllr for Langdon Hills)
  • HILTON, Tracey (Labour candidate)
  • HIRST, Roger (Essex Police Commissioner)
  • HODGE, Stephen (fmr. N'mayne Ind cllr for Nethermayne)
  • HOLLIMAN, Cllr Peter (Ab Ind, Wickford North)
  • HOLMES, Daniel
  • Hong Kong
  • HORGAN, Stephen (late Tory cllr for Billericay West)
  • HORN, Nigel (Lib Dem candidate)
  • HOSKYNS, Sir John
  • HOUGHTON, David (UKIP candidate)
  • House of Lords Reform Act (2014)
  • Housing & Growth Scrutiny Committee (now disbanded)
  • Housing Revenue Account
  • Hovefields (Wickford)
  • HOWARD of LYMPNE, Michael, Lord, CH QC (Tory peer)
  • HOWARD, Martin (Lib Dem candidate)
  • HOWARD, Vivien (Lib Dem candidate)
  • HOWE of ABERAVON, Geoffrey, Lord, CH QC (late Tory Chancellor)
  • HOWE of IDLICOTE, Elspeth, Baroness, CBE (Tory peer)
  • HOWE, B. Edward
  • HUNT, Admiral Sir Nicholas, GCB LVO DL
  • HUNT, Rt Hon Jeremy, MP (Con, South West Surrey)
  • HUNTMAN, Jamie (fmr. UKIP Cty cllr)
  • HUTTON of FURNESS, John, Lord (Labour peer)
  • HYDE, Jilly (fmr. Tory cllr for Laindon Park)
  • Iceland (company)
  • Illegal Encampments
  • Immigration
  • Income Tax
  • Independent Group (Smithites)
  • Independent Labour Group (now defunct)
  • Independent Remuneration Panel
  • Indonesia
  • Industrial Relations Act (1971)
  • Infrastructure & Community Scrutiny Committee (now disbanded)
  • Infrastructure & Inclusive Growth Committee (now disbanded)
  • INGHAM, Sir Bernard
  • Innovation Warehouse
  • IRA (Irish Republican Army)
  • Iraq
  • Iron Lady, The (film)
  • JACKMAN, Chris (fmr. Tory cllr for Wickford Park)
  • JAMES, John (UKIP candidate)
  • JAVID, Rt Hon Sajid, MP (Con, Bromsgrove)
  • JEFFERY, Cllr George (Con, Wickford Park)
  • JENKINS, Johnny (Gateway FM)
  • JENKINS, Phil (fmr. Lib Dem cllr for Nethermayne)
  • JENKINS, Sir Simon, FSA FRSL (journalist)
  • Jobseekers' Allowance (JSA)
  • JOHNSON, Rt Hon Boris, MP (Con, Uxbridge & South Ruislip – Prime Minister)
  • JOHNSON, Stanley (fmr Tory MEP)
  • Joint Standards Committee
  • JOSEPH, Keith, Lord, CH (late Tory peer)
  • Justice, Ministry of
  • KANE, Chf Insp Shaun (Essex Police)
  • KAUFMAN, Rt Hon Sir Gerald (late Labour MP)
  • Kellogg's
  • Kent View Road
  • KEOGH, Sir Bruce
  • KETTLE, Cllr Pauline (Ind, Nethermayne)
  • Keynesianism
  • KINNOCK, Neil, Lord (Labour peer)
  • KIRKMAN, Cllr David (Lab, Fryerns)
  • KIRKMAN, Paul (fmr. Labour Leader of Basildon Council)
  • KONSTANTINIDIS, George (UKIP PPC for Basildon & Billericay)
  • Labour Party
  • Laindon (town)
  • Laindon Park (ward)
  • Laindon Park & Fryerns (county division)
  • LAKE, Desmond
  • LAMONT of LERWICK, Norman, Lord (fmr. Tory Chancellor)
  • Langdon Hills (ward)
  • LARKIN, Ald. Mo, BEM JP DL (fmr. Tory cllr for Pitsea SE & fmr Mayor of Basildon)
  • LATCHFORD, Terry (UKIP candidate)
  • LAWRENCE, Cllr Danny, BEM (Con, Billericay West)
  • LAWSON of BLABY, Nigel, Lord (fmr. Tory Chancellor)
  • LAZARUS, Roland (Billericay resident)
  • Le GRESLEY, Nigel, JP (fmr. UKIP cllr for Wickford Castledon)
  • LE-SURF, Mike (Labour PPC for South Basildon & East Thurrock)
  • LEADSOM, Rt Hon Andrea, MP (Con, South Northamptonshire)
  • Lee Chapel North (ward)
  • Leisure & Community Services Scrutiny Committee (now disbanded)
  • Liberal Democrat and Green Group (now defunct)
  • Liberal Democrats
  • LILLEY, Peter, Lord (Tory peer)
  • LIVESEY, Ron (late Tory cllr for Pitsea NW)
  • Living Wage
  • LLOYD-GEORGE of DWYFOR, David, 1st Earl (late Liberal PM)
  • Local Budget
  • Local Elections
  • Local Highways Panel
  • Local Plan
  • Local Plan Core Strategy
  • Localised Council Tax Support Scheme
  • Localism Act (2011)
  • London School of Economics
  • Long Parliament (1640-53)
  • LORD, Roger
  • Lords, House of
  • LOVEY, Danny (fmr. Tory cllr)
  • LOW, Tony (fmr. Tory candidate, now Ind)
  • LOWMAN, Ven David (fmr Archdeacon of Chelmsford)
  • LUDER, Ian, CBE (UKIP PPC for South Basildon & East Thurrock)
  • MacDONALD, Rt Hon Ramsay (late Labour PM)
  • MACKENZIE, Cllr Luke (Con, Pitsea SE)
  • MACLEOD, Rt Hon Iain (late Tory MP)
  • MAHENDRAN, Bala (fmr Chf. Exec., Basildon Council)
  • MAJOR, Rt Hon Sir John, KG CH (fmr. Tory PM)
  • Malaysia
  • MALSBURY, Trevor (fmr. UKIP cllr for Lee Chapel North)
  • MALTHOUSE, Kit, MP (Con, NW Hants)
  • MANTERFIELD, Karen (Lib Dem candidate)
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Markhams Chase
  • MAY, Michael (UKIP candidate)
  • MAY, Rt Hon Theresa (Lady), MP (Con, Maidenhead & fmr Tory PM)
  • MAY, Sir Philip
  • MAYLIN, Gary (Tory candidate)
  • McCAFFERY, Susan (UKIP candidate)
  • McCREA, John
  • McDONALD, Cllr Elaine (Lab, Lee Chapel North)
  • McGEORGE, Cllr Melissa (Lab, Vange)
  • McGURRAN, Cllr Aidan (Lab, Vange)
  • McGURRAN, Dolores (Labour candidate)
  • Members' Question Time
  • Members' Remuneration Scheme
  • MERKEL, Angela (Chancellor of Germany)
  • METCALFE, Stephen, MP (Con, South Basildon & East Thurrock)
  • MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service)
  • Mid Staffordshire Hospital
  • MILIBAND, Rt Hon Ed, MP (Lab, Doncaster North)
  • MILTON, John
  • Momentum (Corbynistas)
  • Monitor (regulator)
  • MOORE, Cllr Dr Richard (Con, Burstead)
  • MORRIS, Andrew (UKIP candidate)
  • MORRIS, Cllr Carole (Con, Wickford North)
  • MORRIS, Cllr Don (Con, Wickford Castledon)
  • MORRIS, Richard (UKIP candidate)
  • MOWE, Michael (fmr. Tory cllr for Wickford North)
  • MUNYAMBU, Daniel (fmr. Ind cllr for Vange)
  • MUYLDERS, Sally (Labour candidate)
  • National Conservative Convention
  • National Health Service
  • National Insurance
  • National Minimum Wage
  • National Probation Service
  • Natural England
  • Nethermayne (ward)
  • Nethermayne Independents
  • NICE, Clare (Lib Dem candidate)
  • NICE, Steve (Lib Dem candidate)
  • Northern Ireland
  • O'FLYNN, Patrick (SDP, formerly UKIP MEP)
  • OAKSHOTT, Hendrie, Lord (late Tory peer)
  • Office of Budget Responsibility
  • Office of Fair Trading
  • One Nation Conservatism
  • OPPERMAN, Guy, MP (Con, Hexham)
  • Orangutans
  • OSBORNE, Rt Hon George, CH (fmr. Tory Chancellor)
  • Overview & Scrutiny Commission (now disbanded)
  • Palm oil
  • PALMER, Gillian (Labour candidate)
  • PANNIKER, Clare (CEO, Basildon Hospital)
  • Parliament, Houses of
  • Part-Night Lighting
  • PATEL, Rt Hon Priti, MP (Con, Witham)
  • PepsiCo
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • PETCHEY, Richard (UKIP candidate)
  • PETRE, John, 18th Lord, KCVO (fmr. Lord-Lieutenant of Essex)
  • PHILIP, HRH The Prince, Duke of Edinburgh, KG KT &c
  • PIPER, Kevin (UKIP candidate)
  • Pitsea (county division)
  • Pitsea (town)
  • Pitsea North-West (ward)
  • Pitsea Regeneration
  • Pitsea South-East (ward)
  • Planning Committee
  • Planning Inspectorate
  • PMQs
  • Police & Crime Plan
  • Policing
  • Policy & Resources Committee
  • Policy Oversight & Strategy Committee
  • Post Office
  • Post-election analysis
  • POWELL of BAYSWATER, Charles, Lord, KCMG OBE (Tory peer)
  • Pride Teams (Basildon Council)
  • PRIOR, Jim, Lord (late Tory peer)
  • Public Question Time
  • QATADA, Abu
  • QUINCE, Will, MP (Con, Colchester)
  • RAAB, Rt Hon Dominic, MP (Con, Esher & Walton)
  • RACKLEY, Pat (fmr. Ind Labour cllr for St Martin's)
  • RACKLEY, Phil (fmr. Green cllr for St Martin's)
  • RADLEY, David
  • RAINFORD, Tamara (Tory cadidate)
  • RAMA IX, late King of Thailand
  • Range, The
  • READ, Sarah (Green candidate)
  • RECKLESS, Mark, AM (UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly)
  • Recycling
  • Referendum
  • REGAN, Michelle (UKIP candidate)
  • Regeneration & Environment Committee
  • REID, Cllr Patricia (Lab, Pitsea North-West)
  • REID, Malcolm (Labour candidate/agent)
  • REIGATE, John, Lord (Sir John Vaughan-Morgan) (late Tory peer)
  • Results (elections)
  • RICHARDS, Alan
  • RICHARDS, Prof Sir Michael, CBE FRCP
  • RICHES, Lorna (UKIP candidate)
  • Right Approach to the Economy, The
  • RIMMER, Cllr Craig (Con, Pitsea SE)
  • ROOFS (anti solar farm campaign)
  • Royal Anglian Regiment
  • RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)
  • Runners & Riders
  • RUSSELL, Sir Bob (fmr. Lib Dem MP for Colchester)
  • SAGGERS, Norma (UKIP candidate)
  • SAINSBURY, Edward (Lib Dem candidate)
  • SANDHU, Sandeep (Tory candidate)
  • SARGENT, Cllr Terri (Con, Crouch)
  • SAYEED, Jonathan (fmr. Tory MP)
  • SCANLAN, Thomas (Labour candidate)
  • SCAROLA, Cllr John (Lab, Laindon Park)
  • SCHOFIELD, John (fmr. Tory cty cllr for Westley Heights)
  • SELEP (South East Local Enterprise Partnership)
  • Sempra Homes
  • SHAND, P. Morton
  • SHEPPARD, David (fmr. UKIP cllr for Fryerns)
  • SHULTZ, Prof George P
  • SIMPSON, Clive (ret. planning officer)
  • SMITH of BASILDON, Angela, Baroness (Labour peer)
  • SMITH, Ald. Nigel, JP (fmr. Labour cllr for Lee Chapel North)
  • SMITH, Cllr Kerry (Ind, Nethermayne)
  • Solar farm
  • South Basildon & East Thurrock (constituency)
  • South Essex Construction Hub
  • South Green (village)
  • Southend High School for Boys
  • ST CLAIR, Lt-Col Malcolm (late Tory MP)
  • ST JOHN of FAWSLEY, Norman, Lord, FRSL (Sir Norman St John-Stevas) (late Tory peer)
  • St Martin's (ward)
  • STANSGATE, Stephen, 3rd Viscount
  • STANSGATE, William, 1st Viscount (William Wedgwood Benn) (late Labour peer)
  • Statement of Consultation (Local Plan)
  • STEPHENS, Nicole (Tory candidate)
  • STEWART, Brian, CMG
  • STEWART, Rt Hon Rory, OBE (fmr Tory MP for Penrith & The Border)
  • STOCKTON, Harold, 1st Earl of, OM FRS (Harold Macmillan) (late Tory PM)
  • STRATHMORE and KINGHORNE, Claud, 14th Earl of KG KT &c
  • STRAUSS, Norman
  • STREEP, Meryl (actress)
  • STURGEON, Rt Hon Nicola, MSP (SNP First Minister of Scotland)
  • SULLIVAN, Cllr Stuart (Con, Billericay East)
  • TAYLOR, Byron (fmr. Labour cllr for Vange)
  • TAYLOR, Jenefer (Labour candidate)
  • TAYLOR, Perry (Tory candidate)
  • TEBBIT, Norman, Lord, CH (Tory peer)
  • THATCHER, Margaret, Baroness, LG OM (late Tory PM)
  • THOMPSON, Dame Emma, DBE
  • THOMPSON, Martin
  • THORNEYCROFT, Peter, Lord, CH (late Tory peer)
  • TOMLIN, Cllr Frank (Billericay town cllr)
  • TOWLER, Peter (Labour candidate)
  • Towngate Theatre
  • Triangle shops
  • TRUMP, Donald (fmr US President)
  • TURNER, Cllr Phil (Con, Billericay West)
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • Uncategorised
  • Unemployment
  • Unilever
  • Universal Credit
  • Uttlesford District Council
  • Vange (ward)
  • VARLEY, Eric, Lord (late Labour peer)
  • Veolia Environmental Trust
  • Veolia North Thames Trust
  • Veolia UK
  • VICTORIA, HM Queen
  • WAINE, Rhyan (UKIP candidate)
  • WALLACE, Naomi (Labour candidate)
  • WALTERS, Prof Sir Alan
  • WARD, Stephen (fmr. UKIP cllr for Pitsea SE)
  • WARNER, Spencer (Tory candidate)
  • Waste collections
  • Wat Tyler County Park (Pitsea)
  • WATERS, Anne Marie (UKIP candidate)
  • WEBB, John (UKIP candidate)
  • Welfare
  • WERRITTY, Adam
  • Westley Heights (county division)
  • WHARTON, James (fmr. Tory MP)
  • WHITLOCK, Max, MBE (Freeman of the Borough)
  • Wickford (town)
  • Wickford Castledon (ward)
  • Wickford Crouch (county division)
  • Wickford Independents
  • Wickford North (ward)
  • Wickford Park (ward)
  • Wickford UKIP (now defunct)
  • WIDDECOMBE, Rt Hon Ann (fmr. Tory MP)
  • WILLIAM, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, KG &c
  • WILLIAMS, Ben, OBE (fmr. Lib Dem cllr for Nethermayne)
  • WILLIAMS, Geoff, MBE (fmr. Lib Dem cllr for Nethermayne)
  • WILLIAMS, Linda (fmr. Lib Dem cllr for Nethermayne)
  • WILLIAMSON, Rt Hon Gavin, CBE MP (Con, South Staffordshire)
  • WILSON of RIEVAULX, Harold, Lord, KG (late Labour PM)
  • WINGFIELD, Kevin (Tory candidate)
  • Withdrawal Agreement
  • Work & Pensions, Dept for
  • Work Capability Assessment
  • Work Related Activity Group (WRAG)
  • YAQUB, Cllr Maryam (Lab, St Martin's)
  • YATES, Stephen (Tory candidate)
  • Youth employment
  • Zombie Parliament (2017-19)
  • ZWENGUNDE, Clarence (Labour candidate)